Over 85 million American households have no one to help them with their most important financial decisions.

Despite the industry's best efforts, Americans controlling almost $16 trillion in investable assets don’t work with human financial planners.

BodesWell provides self-service financial planning software so financial institutions can extend the benefits of planning to the millions of people who don’t already have an advisor. Deployed as part of your existing online experience, BodesWell helps established financial services companies bring the benefits of planning to millions of under-served customers.

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A pie chart showing that 85 million people don't have a financial advisor
Sample BodesWell UI

A Consumer-Grade Interface

BodesWell hides the math of rigorous financial models and projections of the future behind a beautiful, intuitive interface. We let your customers build and manage their own goals-based financial plan all by themselves.

With a B2B business model

BodesWell partners with large financial institutions to co-develop a version of our software for your target audience. If you already employ financial advisors, but can’t extend the benefits of planning to millions of your customers, BodesWell can help. If you need a visual way of letting your customers start planning themselves before contacting an advisor, BodesWell will help you pre-qualify that relationship. If you need a way of putting your products in the context of a customer’s life without the cost associated with a human planner, let's discuss. 

Customer report screen

Know Your Best Customers

To hit your goals, you need new ways to understand what your customer needs. BodesWell not only provides your customers with strategies and tactics to build their wealth, but also an invaluable window into their financial needs and wants.

BodesWell anonymously aggregates data to generate insights for you. Using these insights, you can prioritize product development, research acquisition and retention strategies, and make targeted offers to your most valuable customers.

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Grow Your Best Customers

Retain your best customers with an innovative solution that lets you understand and grow your relationship with them.

We partner with you to identify targeted products for up-sell and cross-sell within your custom BodesWell deployment.

These possibilities include:

Piggy bank

Linked savings plans with life goals to increase deposits


Proactive loan offers before others even see the opportunity

Rocking chair

Retaining rollover 401k assets before a job change


Demonstrate the power of insurance products in context

We can also incorporate your partners within the platform so all your customers' holistic financial needs can be served within your environment.

To make all this happen quickly, though, you’ll want to work with a partner like BodesWell.

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