Plan Action Items

Last updated:
September 16, 2021

After determining the status of your plan, you will see personalized suggestions in your plan page, grouped in a few categories:

  • Suggestions based on your plan status: Based on information in your financial profile and plan progress, these are suggested steps for you to take. They’re intended to help you reach your goals in the medium to long-term. Some example action items include: refinancing your debt, opening up a retirement account and adding more to your savings.
  • Stay on track: These are reminders of upcoming action items for the goals that you have already set for yourself. An example is an upcoming savings goal reminder to add a predetermined amount into your savings account.
  • Get back on track: If based on our models and the information you have entered, you are currently not on track to meet the goals you previously added to your plan, items in this section help you pinpoint potential areas of improvement. An example is an alert highlighting the specific months and years when your plan is likely going to run out of money.
  • Optimize your plan: If you have not completed the 7 Steps to Financial Independence workflow, or likely have life events missing from your timeline, reminders in this section help direct your attention toward completing these steps.
  • Take actions on your accounts: This section contains the near-term action items related to your account, such as reviewing recent transactions and reconnecting bank accounts.

For the suggested action items, you can log your progress by selecting either “mark as done” or “ignore” in your plan. If you mark an action item as done, we will not send you the same suggestion or action item in the future, and our system will mark it as a completed action. If you choose to ignore the action item, then we will remove the item for the current month, and resurface the suggestion if it is applicable again in the future.