Returning user dialog

Last updated:
December 15, 2021

During your first visit to BodesWell, you likely built a timeline, connected a few accounts, and added some life events. At that point, your plan may appear complete; however, similar to how all plans work, the most important part is yet to come; reaching the goals you’ve set out to achieve. 

So, what is the first step you need to take to accomplish the goals you set for yourself in BodesWell? Log back in!

As soon as you log back into BodesWell, you will be greeted with a dialog box displaying a summary of your progress towards your goals since the last time you logged in.

The returning user dialog includes the following information in one simple view: 

  • Plan status: Your plan status will show that you are either On Track, Secure, or Off Track. To learn more about how BodesWell calculates your plan status, visit our Status support article. 
  • Percentage closer you are to achieving your savings goals: To receive an update within this box, you must have at least one savings account that is linked to a goal. Savings progress is calculated as the percentage closer you are to achieving your savings goal based on the last time you logged in. If you logged in yesterday, you will see the change within the last seven days. However, if your last login was a month ago, BodesWell will display your changes within the last month. 
  • Summary of which goals you are not likely to meet given the current state of your plan (if any): To create a savings goal in BodesWell, you need to enter a target savings achievement date, how much you’d like to save, and a monthly amount you’d like to save. These variables are then used to calculate whether or not you are likely to reach your goal by your defined date given the current state of your plan. For example, if you have already saved $3,500 toward your overall goal of saving $7,000 for your Take a vacation savings goal, and you plan on saving $600 per month for the next 6 months toward this goal, BodesWell will inform you that you are on track to meet your goal.     
  • Progress on all your budgets: BodesWell calculates your progress on your budgets as a percentage. We take the amount you’ve spent in the month so far in your respective budget and divide that amount by the budget amount you set.   
  • Percentage change in net worth: To calculate net worth, BodesWell analyzes your connected accounts and your manually added accounts, and then subtracts debts from assets. For percentage change, BodesWell determines the difference in your net worth from the last time you logged in and your current log in, and presents you with how much it has changed. Please note, we do not calculate the difference in manually added assets unless you update the value. For example, if you have a one million dollar home you manually entered into BodesWell as an asset, BodesWell will consider that value as constant.     
  • Percentage change in savings: To calculate the change in savings, BodesWell analyzes both your checking and savings accounts and compares the balance from when you previously logged in with your current balance. 
  • Percentage change in investments: To calculate change in investments, BodesWell analyzes your investment accounts and compares the balance from when you previously logged in with your current balance. 
  • Average change: This is the average percent change for all BodesWell users in the same period as your percent change. For example, if you logged in one day ago, this field will use your average change over the last seven days in the calculation for average percent change across all BodesWell users within that same period, but if your last log in was eight days ago, this field would use your average change within that period, as well as the average change of other BodesWell users within that period, to calculate the value.     
  • Top deposit: BodesWell identifies your top deposit since your previous log in and displays it for you.  
  • Top expense: BodesWell identifies your top expense since your previous log in and displays it for you.  
  • New transactions since your last visit: This value is how many transactions you’ve had since your previous login. 

After exiting the dialog box, you can reference these updates again by going to the insights page.