Step 7 - Seize the Day!

Last updated:
September 16, 2021

Step 7 is named “Seize the Day” because it is time to take hold of your life, the opportunities you have, and the path in front of you.

Using the plan that you have worked to put together, you will be able to track your progress towards all your savings, expenses and life event goals. Your plan will automatically update as BodesWell receives new financial information pertinent to your timeline. You can adjust your plan at any time in the future if there are any changes in your financial goals.

As BodesWell evolves and as you engage more with the tool, we plan to offer advanced strategies to help you plan for the future you want. The hope is that for all your important life decisions and changing circumstances, we can provide an informed platform for you to weigh your options, gain deep insights, chart new goals and monitor your progress on an ongoing basis. We would like to be the map and the fuel gauge towards your new destination.

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