Auto-Budgets now available in BodesWell

November 15, 2021

Hello BodesWell Beta Testers!

We have exciting news. Starting today, Budgets are no longer a life event within BodesWell. Budgets are now part of the core BodesWell experience.

We’ve heard your feedback that managing budgets through the life event experience was cumbersome and adding multiple categories was more confusing than it needed to be, so we’ve created a new version of budgets to be: easier to add, easier to find, and easier to use. Budgets are now found through a cleaner, more easy-to-use navigation system on your main timeline.

Budgets now allow you to have as many categories as you want and are not bound by any start or end dates. Active budgets will track any added categories (or your overall spending) for the current month, resetting on the first of every month. Don’t want to budget against a category this month? No problem, just set that category to inactive until you want to start tracking it again.

We’ve also added something really cool. Auto-budgets. If you don’t have a budget and have wondered “where do I begin?” we’ve got you covered with three unique ways to create a budget:

Track your spending

BodesWell will create an overall budget that will track your spending across all categories letting you easily set a simple budget to monitor your spending month to month.

Reduce your spending

BodesWell will create an overall budget and a set of suggested budgets across any categories where you are spending more than the US average (based on your actual income).

Build your budget

Start from scratch by creating the perfect budget for you by selecting only the categories that you want to set budgets against.

Once you have your budgets all set up, BodesWell will email you to let you know when you’ve over 75% of your budget and when you’ve exceeded your budget so you can easily see where you might get close to overspending.

Click here to add or edit your budget today! 

We hope this makes budgeting much easier for you. We couldn’t have made it better without your feedback. Check out this video walkthrough to see how our new version of budgets works and click the button above to try it yourself.

As always, feel free to reach out with questions or feedback to

Stay healthy and thanks for using BodesWell! Black Lives Matter!

Matthew, Bernie, Scott, Avram, Chris, Matt and Z