🤑👾📈 Help improve BodesWell + cool new features

September 16, 2021

Dear BodesWell Beta Testers,

We’ve been busy at BodesWell over the last few months shipping tons of new features and planning future ones. For example, you may have read about our pilot with American Express on TechCrunch! We are excited to share these new features with each of you. But first, we’d love to get your feedback on what to do next. Tell us how to improve existing features, or what you feel is missing from making BodesWell your ideal financial planning solution by completing this survey. Each person who completes a survey will receive a BodesWell beta tester t-shirt while supplies last.

Your feedback has helped BodesWell grow into the product it is today, and we appreciate your taking the time to make it an even better product tomorrow. We are excited to share with you that we’ve added the following features:  

  1. Add & track your Crypto investments: With this new feature, you can now manually add your crypto investments to your financial profile. BodesWell will automatically update the value of your added crypto as the price changes.  
  2. Revised expenses and categorizations: BodesWell has improved both revised expenses and categorizations in order to more accurately label your transactions and better project your future spending by category.
  3. Custom assets: Manually add custom assets to your plan with this new feature, and watch as their values grow over time. Now you can add everything from ATVs to art to boats. You have the ability to input which assets are relevant to you. And, the best part is that you have the ability to select a growth rate of your choice as well. Bodeswell will use both your custom asset’s current value and expected growth rate to project its future value and provide you with an expanded holistic view of your financial life.

Here is a short video demonstrating how to access these new features:

Whether you find bugs, have requests or want to share the love, please feel free to reach out via email or tweet at us: @bodeswell_io.

Stay healthy and thanks for using BodesWell! Black Lives Matter!

Matthew, Bernie, Scott, Avram, Chris, Matt and Z