Navigating BodesWell

Onboarding and Connecting Accounts
This article is about the differences between the onboarding steps to BodesWell, where you type in estimates of your financial details, and the connected state, when we have more detailed information based on the actual activity in the accounts you have linked directly to the tool.
Your "Status" is displayed on the top left corner of your homepage upon logging in. This is a measure of the overall health of your financial plan. This article explains how we arrive at your Status.
7 Steps to Financial Independence
The 7 Steps to Financial Independence is a resource on your Insights page that helps you understand your financial landscape and plan accordingly through a series of guided action items.
Income is calculated as the sum of all positive cash deposits for a particular period. These can be one-time events like a Windfall or recurring payments like a bi-weekly salary. This article explains how we help you track and model your income.
Expenses are all the various ways that cash leaves your account, including monthly spending. This article explains how we help you track and project various types of expenses.
Editing income and expenses after connecting an account
Learn more about how BodesWell intelligently uses your transaction history to accurately project your future expenses and income by category.
Net Worth
We use the term Net Worth to mean your Assets minus your Debts. This article provides an explanation of how we calculate your Net Worth.
Debts are contracts or commitments to borrow lump sums of money and repay them in the future, oftentimes with pre-determined premiums. We help users model debts and project debt obligations.
Affordability in BodesWell
This document explains the calculations that we make behind the scene to estimate whether a client will be able to afford a particular event at a particular price, given everything else going on in their life.
Adding Crypto in BodesWell
Learn how to manually add crypto to your plan and create an expanded view of all your assets.
Reviewing transactions
Learn about our outlier system and the importance of reviewing your flagged transactions within BodesWell.
Budgets in BodesWell
Learn more about the powerful budgeting tools within BodesWell. Don't know how to make your own budget? BodesWell will intelligently make one for you!
Returning user dialog
Learn more about how BodesWell calculates the changes you see to your plan when you log back in.
Change Account Priority button
Learn about how to prioritize which accounts you'd like to use to pay for the Plan for education costs life event.