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You shouldn’t need a certificate or higher education to understand your financial situation. Make your plan, see how to act on it, and understand your financial future all with BodesWell.

Can I…

retire comfortably?

relocate for a better job?

afford to pay for college?

Simple financial questions can be surprisingly hard to answer. BodesWell makes it easy. Connect your accounts, add a life event, and see the outcome.

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At-a-glance understanding of how you’re doing financially.

BodesWell delivers a dynamic status based on your real-time financial data letting your know how you’re doing and what you can do to to change it.

Are you having a hard time answering “how much can I afford?”

Add a life event, adjust the details and get real-time feedback on how much you can afford to spend.

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Track your progress.

Can’t afford your plan yet? Set up a savings goals, and we’ll track your progress.
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BodesWell’s one-page platform is super intuitive and versatile. Whether you’re planning a vacation or navigating a major career change, it takes away all the overwhelming aspects of financial planning and sets you up for success.”

Camilla Santos
Beta Tester

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